I was born and raised in North Wales where I initially worked on a hill farm before serving for four years in the Royal Air Force. Later, during the course of a long career in psychiatric social work and associated advisory, teaching and managerial posts, I ended up as the CEO of a mental health charity. I now live with my family in the village of Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire, UK.

A combination of retirement and the need to raise funds for charities my wife and I support acted as the catalyst for taking up painting and drawing as a hobby - an interest I once had as a young boy but was not able to pursue in any consistent way during my adult life. I am largely self-taught (albeit, influenced by a combination of workshops - tutored by a renowned local portrait painter - and the advice of other artists). Most of my artwork is done in a garden studio using my own photographs and sketchbook notes as reference material, but increasingly I now try to break away from this practice by doing small oil sketches outdoors. For several years now I have been exhibiting in juried ‘Open’ exhibitions in England and Wales and some of my paintings have been chosen for awards.     

So, if you like what you see on this website, do return to check out my latest work.

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