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Life Class Study

Figurative studies form the core of my work. Apart from commissions, my subjects are usually people I know very well and I will often paint them several times to capture the different aspects of their character. I have experimented with using copper as a painting support (the aim of this being to integrate the metal surface with the image to achieve a luminous effect) and this has become a surface I really like using with portraiture. 

My work is divided here into three sections - 1: “Just off the easel", 2: "Current Gallery” and 3: “Archived Work”.   You can access each of these sections by clicking the orange links here and exit by using the page tags above. A red spot on some of my paintings indicates that they are now in private collections and only the few without spots are still available for sale. The sole reason for including both categories within this website is to achieve a true representation of my work. 

When a sale is made it is usually between £150 and £500. If you are interested in buying a painting or commissioning a portrait, please feel free to contact me by telephone or email, although sight of the actual painting is recommended before final purchase.

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